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Moscow- Kyzyl (Tuva) -Irkutsk - Lake Baikal  


(code UN-3/9-ADI )

 9 nights/10 days  fixed dates travel package


Day 1


Most Welcome to Moscow – capital of the Russian Federation.

Upon arrival at 15:30 in Sheremetievo-2 International Airport by SU 572 from Beijin and after customs we meet you at the exit gates. Transfer to centrally located “Belgrade” Hotel.  After check in enjoy some time at leisure. Then have dinner followed by an evening tour of Moscow Metro/Subway to see its marvelous stations world renowned for its unique sculpture work and architecture design some of which are true masterpiece.  Overnight – back at the hotel.


Day 2 

After breakfast we start out at 08:20 a.m. for sightseeing tour of Moscow. During the tour we’ll pass by the city’s most remarkable places including Tverskaya street, Mayors office, Bolshoy Theater, Boulevard and Garden Ring, KGB headquarters,   Moscow river embankment, Our Savior Cathedral, Moscow University, Stalin skyscrapers and more. Three stops shall be made at Red Square and Sofiyskaya embankment (opposite Kremlin) to see and take pictures of Lenin’s Mausoleum and St. Basil’s Cathedral. Then we’ll also tour the Kremlin and visit 3 Cathedrals there including the Cathedral of Assumption and Archangel Cathedral as well as Patriarch Chambers. 

Then enjoy lunch of Russian cuisine to be served at one of the Moscow’s downtown restaurants.

After lunch we proceed to New Maiden’s Convent, a monastery sheltered by a crenellated wall plus 12 colorful battle towers, and encompassing numerous groups of buildings. Founded in 1524 by Czar Vasily the 3rd, the Convent was proposed to serve as a defense fortification as well as a religious foundation. For over 400 years the New Maiden’s Convent was the witness and the participant of important historical events, connected with the names of Ivan the Awe-Inspiring/the Terrible, Boris Godunov, Sofia and Peter the Great. The monastery was extensively rebuilt and improved during the 17th century which attributes for the most part to its appearance today. The elaborate belfry looming above the Convent’s eastern wall ascends 236 feet and consists of six lavishly decorated tiers. The gilded dome that tops the building can be seen from miles away. The convent's graveyard is where many famous Russians have been buried.

After the tour of the Convent we will drive to the Arbat Street - Russia’s most famous pedestrian only shopping street, lined with restaurants and cafes.  The Arbat is a true symbol of old Moscow, and has recently celebrated its 500th anniversary. Its name is first mentioned in the city chronicles of 1493. In that year the whole city was engulfed in a terrible fire, sparked by a candle in the Church of St. Nicholas in Peski, which is situated on the Arbat. This disaster led to the well-known saying: 'A penny candle razed Moscow to the ground.' The area between the Arbat and Prechistenka will take us back to the unique world of quiet lanes where each house is still steeped in the atmosphere of old Moscow. After our informative local guide has taken us on a tour of the Arbat we’ll have time to explore this gorgeous place on our own and do some shopping. 
We will have a guided walking tour along this fascinating street.
Around 6 p.m. we get back to the hotel, go to our rooms for a while and then depart from the hotel to Domodedovo airport for domestic flight to Kyzyl #   7B-147b operated by Krasair via Krasnoyarsk ( in Krasnoyarsk there’s a connection flight to Kyzyl # TZH-174  departing to Kyzyl at 09:20 a.m. local time on next day – Day 3 of the present tour itinerary).

NOTE: this day before breakfast, please, pack up your luggage to be ready to depart from the hotel when we return from our Moscow sightseeing tours.


Day 3 
10:15 – Upon arrival in Kyzyl – the capital of legendary and mysterious Tuva republic- meeting ans assistance in the airport for further  transfer to “Odugen” or “Cottage” Hotels, both centrally located on the bank of Yenisey river ( the best availably Tuva hotels in which Boris Yeltsin and Dalai-Lama  once used to stay). Check in followed by lunch. Then we proceed on sightseeing tour of Kyzyl which being quite a small town allows us to do most tour as walking excursions to its major sights of interests. We will see the the “Center of Asia “ Obelisk, stating the geographically central location of Tuva, see picturesque  confluence of the two Small Yeniseys – the Byi-Khem and Ka-Khem that make up the Big Yenisey – Ulug Khem as well as  stop by the Shamanic Clinic “Tos Der”.
Upon return back to the hotel we will have dinner followed by the great concert of Throat Singing to be performed by famous “Koomey” folk ensemble. The nomadic people of Tuva were gifted by nature with special throat articulation skills enabling them simultaneously produce the main and melodic tunes (low and high ones), and the republic is world renowned for throat singing art where 5 major genres of throat singing have been developed. During the concert we’ll hear most popular genres of Tuvan throat singing – “ hosmey, sigyt, kirgyraa and borbannaadyr”.


Day 4

After breakfast we’ll depart from the hotel to visit Buddhist Shrine Khuree Tzechenling” which in 1999 was made holy by his Majesty Bogdo-Gegen the IX-th. and combines traditional features of oriental architecture with modern construction technologies. Here we will certainly have an encounter with local monks and informal discussion. Then we will have a guided tour of Local Lore museum named after 60 Tuvan knights containing a rich and exciting display of archeological finds and ethnographical exhibits. In the museum’s backyard we will see a special “stellar section” that exhibits stone plates   and boulders with runic inscriptions, rock sculptures and so-called deer stones.
Lunch of tasty Tuvan national cuisine shall be served at the “Kyzyl” restaurant and feature ‘bashtak’ – pressed milk cheese. “kurut” – dry yogurt that can be stored  for years, other traditional entrees including main meat dish.  
After lunch proceed out of town to the Sacred Tuva Mountain with a statue of Tuvan Arat – the monument of Kadarchi erected to honor the Tuvan herders which is a kind of informal  national monument. Here we will see the shaman ritual and ceremony held at the holy Arzhaan spring having then a good opportunity to talk to shaman, ask him various questions. Then we proceed to to a nearby Tuvan herder – cattle breeder family to be introduced to their everyday life and customs as well as taste l delicious homemade meals and drinks.  
On the way  back to the hotel we’ll stop at the souvenir’s store where besides traditional items one can buy the Tuvan  stamps considered to be some of the rarest in the world, especially those printed during the Tuvan People’s Republic and that have unusual shapes with Uigur language words. 
After shopping we shall visit the Tuvan family and have dinner in their home with one famous collector of Tuvan stamps joining us for this dinner.

Day 5


After breakfast this day we will go on full day trip to the Valley of Kings – the place of archeological excavations of Scythian hills at Arzhaans located 83 km from Kyzyl. We’ll see today the site of the largest   Scythian burial  of entire Northern Asia situated in the Uyook river valley where in 2001 archeological expedition discovered untouched burial of 2 high rank persons – supposedly belonging to the chieftain of ancient Scythian tribe  and his wife. The weight of unearthed golden decorations featuring traditional Scythian-Siberian style was nearly 20 kilos. We shall explore with you a number of earthen and rock burial hills having a diameter of 80 meters and dating back to 700 BC.
Then if time allows in a small village of Turan close to the burials we can see a video about excavations in the local archeological museum as well as see an interesting exhibition of items relating to early Russian explorers of Tuva. 
We’ll enjoy lunch in the local village family – another good chance to learn during meals about culture and customs of local people.
From 4:30 p.m. upon return back to our   hotel you’ll have free time before dinner which we will have at the “Five Star” restaurant. At dinner we meet with  local handicraftsman who will tell us about Tuvan national art of embroidery


Day 6


 After early breakfast we check out and depart at 06:30 from the hotel to the airport to board the flight # TZH-687 to Irkutsk.

Upon arrival in Irkutsk we meet you with professional bi-lingual guide holding “Uniworld” sign, assist with the luggage, and provide transfer to Your hotel (4-star either Sun Hotel or Baikal Business Center Hotel). Enjoy Baikal Discovery Welcome Drink upon check in and time at leisure before lunch. After llunch to be served at the hotel we’ll go on sightseeing tour of Irkutsk. During the tour you will   visit historical center, Znamenskij Orthodox Cathedral, noted for its original iconostasis, graves of the Decembrists revolutionaries and the grave of so-called Russian Columbus – an early explorer of Alaska,   richly carved old-style wooden houses, central market, and other atmospheric sights of Irkutsk.  
 Dinner back at the hotel. Overnight.


Day 7


After breakfast we depart from the hotel for a guided visit to the Fine Arts Museum often referred and compared to as Siberian Tretyakov Gallery having the richest in Siberia collection of paintings, original icons, and other items of art. 
Lunch will be at the downtown "NOSTALGIE" restaurant that serves traditional Russian & European cuisine.
After lunch – a guided tour of the Decembrist museum which will be followed by “Russian Romantic Song Concert” at Prince Volkonsky Mansion (the mansion used to belong in the past to one of the leaders of Decembrist revolutionaries - Russian aristocracy who were banned to Siberia after their ill-fated attempt in December of 1825 to overthrow the Russian Csar. During the Concert Tour Participants will be served champagne. The program of "Russian Romantic Song" concert will include most famous Russian, French and Italian songs and melodies once very popular in the past among the nobles and that were often performed inside this mansion when Prince Volkonsky and his wife were still alive. The song and music will be performed by the prime-soloists. One of the leading musicians shall play a recently restored concertino/clavichord once used by the Decembrists.
Before dinner your local guide based on your specific requests will help you to plan your own activities for the next day and make arrangements when required.
 Dinner at the hotel.  Overnight.

Day 8


After breakfast we check out from the hotel to depart by coach to Listvyanka settlement, located 62 km away from Irkutsk in the mouth of the Angara river ( the lake's only outlet).  En route stop at holy Buryat “obo” where the shamanist believers used to worship their deities to do some symbolic offerings to the spirits, tie ribbons on the bushes while making wishes to follow the tradition. Then continue by coach further to Listvyanka with 10-min. stop near the legendary Shaman Rock in the outflow of the Angara from Lake Baikal.  Then check in at Baikal Hotel (tourist 1-st class hotel located on a hill slope with good view over the water surface of Lake Baikal).  Welcome drink while checking in at the hotel followed by lunch to be served at the hotel’s restaurant. After lunch- tour of Baikal Ecology Museum which has best collection of exhibits related to lake’s flora and fauna species, contain many fascinating facts about this unique lake generally accepted as the Treasure of the World and the Well of the planet Earth.
After the museum - a walking tour of Listvyanka village, visit to functioning St. Nicolas-The Miracle-Worker Orthodox Church and the shopping area where you will have a good chance to buy local hand made souvenirs (your local guide will help you to get the best price). Then enjoy time at leisure. Dinner back at the hotel. Overnight.


Day 9


After breakfast we depart by coach for a guided tour of  very scenicaly located  “Taltsy”   Open-Air Museum of Wooden Architecture which great display of original Russian, Buryat and Evenk wooden houses complete with items and exhibits unfolds in a truly exciting story about the past and history of Siberia.

On return back to Listvyanka’s we’ll stop at waterfront “Past Century” restaurant to have lunch of Baikal tasty cuisine featuring omul-fish shishkebab and other delicious entrees.
After lunch depart by coach from the restaurant to the boat station to board private boat vessel for 2-hour ride on the lake. 

On return back from boat ride we’ll visit private picture gallery and then have dinner, overnight at the hotel.

Day 10


08:30 - Breakfast. Then check out from the hotel.
09:40 - Transfer from the hotel in Listvyanka to the airport in for flight to Ulan Baatar.
10:30 – Customs control. Boarding the aircraft for international flight to Ulan Bator

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