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Mongolia, Baikal, Far East & China
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Mongolia - The mythical land of Blue Skies 

Present-day Mongolia, shut in by the Russian bear and the Chinese dragon, is only a small part of the Great Mongol Empire of the 13th and 14th centuries which stretched from the Danube to the Yellow River, the largest continuous empire in the history of the world.
Of the four million Mongols, only a little more than two million people live in Mongolia, the rest live in Russia and in China, Inner Mongolia (an autonomous region of the People's Republic of China). 
The Mongolian People's Republic or Mongolia, a sovereign nation, founded in 1921, but only emerging recently from the Soviet Union influence, is locked between the Great Wall in the south and Lake Baikal in the north (Siberia's borders). A country larger than the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy put together. 
Mongolia……. The horse king country, snow capped mountains mingling with deserts, nomadism, Mongols, shepherds of the wind, vast sea's of the grass steppes, sand dunes of the fabled Gobi Desert, 300 sunny days a year, dotted with 4,000 lakes. Mongolia, the very name evokes images of Genghis Khan's Golden Horde galloping through endless steppes, nomadic warriors, who inspired an admirable awe.
The epic tales of the Mongol empire reached the West in the writings of travellers, such as the great Venetian merchant Marco Polo and the Franciscan monk Guillaume de Rubruck, and still now the Mongol dream feeds the western imagination, where there senses are truly challenged.
Mongolia - a land of extremes where mounted on a steed of steel is second only to a Mongol pony, to once again instils the spirit of old Ghanghis Khan……. Come join HMB in yet another epic biking journey.

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