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Baikal tours

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Winter Tours & Travel
Baikal White Ring of Slavic & Indigenous Cultures


  Brand New Tour Product!

With this brand new tour product we offer a unique opportunity to see how the cultures of Slavic and Buryat people do not only remain preserved but flourish in area around Lake Baikal, those the people have to struggle to keep their faith amid isolation.
Unlike the events held within the Shrovetide holidays in the  Siberian cities , inhabitants of the places which you will visit throughout the offered tour itinerary manage themselves to preserve and decorate their customs and national celebrations with no influence or support of the official authorities. In our view, unmatched …

- Meeting the Semeiskie in Trabagaty -  a community of Russian Old Believers, who settled in Buryatia, an isolated region south of Lake Baikal, almost 250 years ago, whose  music, dress, rituals, and religious beliefs  were named by UNESCO in 2001 as one of 19 Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Their unique haunting music is created by nine or 10 voices, each singing a different musical part.

- Meeting the Belorussians (or White Russians) in the village of Lidinsk that is off-the-standard tour routes, where the Belorussian residents still and independently practice their white Slavic rituals…

- Wild life viewing in Danilovka retreat lodge,

- Meeting  the  shamans during their rituals and at their families for lunch;

- Great Russian and Buryat Folklore entertainments throughout the itinerary, horse sleigh ride,

- Fabulous and safe ride on ice across lake Baikal by amphibious hovercraft with visits to Olkhon Ice grottoes, ceremony of opening of Baikal Polar and opportunities to observe Baikal fresh water seals on ice.

Ice Diving on Baikal

   Experience ice diving on the clearest lake in the world!

Except for the numbing cold that pains their ears, face, and fingers within minutes of entering the water, divers exploring the shallows of Baikal might feel as if they are hovering over a meadow on a sunny day. Looking up from a depth of 50 feet, they can see clouds in the sky. Looking down, they sea fields of fluffy green algae. The Wonders of the World, National Geographic Society

Winter Baikal Motives


Baikal dogs sled centre  Adventure on the Frozen Lake

This winter trip to Siberia's "Pearl" Lake Baikal provides the opportunity to participate in such activities as dog-sledding, snowmobiling and Russian troika riding. as well you have a chance to attend traditional Russian festival of seeing off winter and welcoming spring.

Baikal Enchanted In Ice

    4-WD Winter Safari Journey

“If you are stopped suddenly by a penetrating blue and your heart stops, as it sometimes happened only in childhood, from astonishment and delight... If all petty worries, all the vanities of the world, fall away like autumn leaves, and the soul takes wing and is filled with light and silence. If, suddenly, the ready word holds back, and you feel that nature has its own language and that it is now clearly understood. If a simple earthly wonder has entered your life and you have felt it ennobled by this encounter - it means, this is Baikal.” – Mark Sergeev
Baikal Polar Meridian

   Exclusive Baikal Winter - 2005 Tour Offer

“…The majority of tourists and travelers as well as divers get to know Lake Baikal in summer. But I was lucky to visit it, first, in early March when the Siberian sea was frozen. It impressed me greatly – it was a Snow queen `s kingdom...– A. Aristarkhov, “Octopus”, № 3, 2003

Winter Rendezvous With New Year & Lake Baikal
    New Year at Lake Baikal

We welcome you to join us on fabulous Lake Baikal  trip  – to enjoy the lake’s gorgeous  varied sceneries, culture of local people while taking your share in preservation of this gem of Siberia and the well of planet Earth  

Baikal Discovery
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